Simply put, in Phase One, we collect information; Phase Two, we create; Phase Three, we bring it to life. And do not forget to dream; dreaming is part of the process, too. 


Phase One
3 days

We start with jokes and laughter. Let’s meet and chat over a cup of your favourite coffee or sweets. Using design principles and research tools, we will further grasp and define your vision. Then we’ll set the project scope, calculate a quote, sign a contract, and process the deposit payment (50%). And the creative process will formally begin.

Phase Two
1 weeks - 3 weeks

Whether it is typographic or illustrative, elegant or whimsical, hipster or not hipster, we will ensure that the work is on point and to your taste by using the ‘two direction, two revision’ model. We will also go up the mountains and down the rivers in search of paper, envelopes, decorations and anything else to complete your special project.

Phase Three
2 weeks - 4 weeks

We will send the final designs to trusted printers and manufacturers. We will complete the stationeries with hand-calligraphy for addressing and finishing touches, and finally mailing them off on your behalf. We will proceed with ‘wedding day’ designs if requested, or just process the remaining payment (50%).

Working method

The ‘two direction, two revision’ model allows the client to choose from two different directions, followed by two revisions on top. 


Timing depends largely on the availability and the responsiveness of the client, in addition to the amount of work and sourcing time required for the custom project. We will do our best to coordinate with our clients’ schedule.